Customizing the Godot Engine with GDScript by Soggy Bit Studios

Customizing the Godot Engine with GDScript


Give your Godot Editor SUPER POWERS!

With GDScript we can create useful tools that make our game development cycle faster and more fun. A huge benefit of using GDScript is that we can even update our tools in real time, without even reloading the editor!

In this course, we'll build real world plugins that actually augment the editor and make you more productive. Here's an example of a few plugins we'll build:

  • Sprite Sheet Importer that handles .json files
  • Code Snippets Pane to make you more productive while scripting
  • Resolution Size Preview selector to help you preview your game on different device sizes and aspect ratios
  • Use GDScript to create a custom content importer that you can run from the command line
Building your game pipeline first certainly makes it easier to ensure you actually ship your game. We'd like to show you how to make your experience a lot faster, productive, and more fun!

What's included?


Become one with GDScript

We’re really passionate about the Godot game engine and we’d like to pass the spark on to you.

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Do I need to learn C++ for this course?

Absolutely not. Since we can use GDScript, a fun and small language, to extend the editor, we don't have to dive in to learning C++. 

Although it is an admirable path, learning C++ can take decades to master, and we'd prefer to focus on building games for decades instead.