The First Level

In this section we'll finally begin combining the scenes we created. We have all the scenes we need to build the first level of our game, so let's get started!

Learning Goals

  • Build a basic level that incorporates the PuzzlePiece and Projectile nodes we created previously
  • Get experience with Scene Instancing, a powerful concept at the core of Godot
  • Learn how to use a StaticBody2D to prevent nodes from leaving the viewport
  • Best practices for building levels in the editor


  • Each level must have a physics-based floor to prevent our PuzzlePiece and Projectile nodes from immediately falling out of the viewport when the level loads
  • The level is over when all PuzzlePiece nodes are destroyed or the player has used all available Projectile nodes
  • Rewards are based on the amount of Projectile nodes used to destroy the PuzzlePiece nodes in the level
The First Level
Creating the Game Level Scene
Add the Projectile Spawn Point
Arrange the Puzzle Pieces
Add a Background
Add a Floor