Physics Puzzle Games with Godot Engine

Learn to work with Physics in Godot, inside and out!
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PhysicsPuzzle -
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Painless Physics Primer
Four Types of Physics Nodes
The Humble Static Body
Comparing Rigid & Kinematic Bodies
Influencing the Scene with Physics Areas
The Classic Pong Example
Working with Collision Shapes
Creating our Puzzle Pieces
Building the Scene
An Outline of the Process
Configure the Circle
Configure the Square
Configure the Tower
Configure the Triangle
Creating our Projectile
Building the Scene
Configure the Child Nodes
The First Level
Creating the Game Level Scene
Add the Projectile Spawn Point
Arrange the Puzzle Pieces
Add a Background
Add a Floor
Adding Behavior with GDScript
Spawning Projectiles
Point the AimLine node toward the mouse cursor
Collisions with Puzzle Pieces
Launch the Projectile
Polishing our Game
Showing Damage to the Player
Restricting the Number of Projectiles
Win and Lose
Adding Variety with Bounce and Friction
Bonus Rewards with Coins
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The End?
Where to Find Help