Beginning Game Development with Godot by Soggy Bit Studios

Beginning Game Development with Godot

A gentle introduction to 2D game development with Godot


Learn everything you need to build games with the free and open-source Godot editor. In this course you will build three distinct prototypes, exploring different aspects of the Godot engine and GDScript.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 76 text files


Why Godot?
Getting Started
The philosophy of Godot
Everything is a scene
Creating our first project
Learning the Editor
Editor Settings
Project Settings
All about Nodes
All about Scenes
Working with the Filesystem
The Prototyping Process
The Cerny Method
Finding the Fun
Macro versus Micro Design
Exploring the Templates
Kinematic Character
Building Game Worlds
Importing Art
Creating Tilesets from Sprites
Using Resources
Setting up input
Let's Write Some Code
What is GDScript?
Accessing Nodes
Changing Scenes
Adding a Script to a Node
Leveraging the SceneTree
Browsing Documentation from the Editor
Using Timers
Background Loading
Saving Games
Exporting Variables to the Editor
A Little Help from my Friends
Using a basic addon
Full fledged plugins
The official asset library
Finding free assets
Fun with Physics
Kinematic versus RigidBody
Scaling and Rotation
Crafting a User Interface
All about containers
Lining things up
ControlNode: Label
ControlNode: TextureRect
ControlNode: TextureProgress
ControlNode: NinePatchRect
ControlNode: TextureButton
Custom Fonts
EXERCISE: Build a Title Screen
Custom Themes
BBCode in RichTextLabel
Creating Custom UI Controls
Adding Sound & Music
Importing audio files
Audio Resources & Nodes
Playing background music
Triggering audio with AnimationPlayer
Audio Buses
Audio Effects
Godot Docs: Importing Audio Samples
Godot Docs: Audio Streams
API Docs: AudioStream
API Docs: AudioStreamPlayer2D
Sharing Your Game with Others
Export Templates
Exporting to Mac / OS X
Exporting to iOS
Exporting to the Web (HTML5)
Exporting to Android
Exporting to Linux
Godot Docs: Exporting Projects
2D Fundamentals
Canvas Layers
Viewport and Canvas Transforms
Matrices and Transforms
Prototype: Pong with Real Physics
1. Importing Assets - Create Ball - Create Paddle.mp4
3 mins
2. Create Game Scene - Simple Test.mp4
2 mins
3. Random Force on Ball at Start.mp4
2 mins
4. Paddle Up and Down - Input Actions.mp4
1 min
5. Add Script to Paddle - WRONG.mp4
2 mins
6. Log Message on Input for Paddles.mp4
1 min
8. Export Speed to Editor and Test.mp4
1 min
9. Tweak Speed using only the Editor.mp4
1 min
10. Top and Bottom Collision.mp4
2 mins
11. Tweaking Physics for Barriers & Ball.mp4
1 min

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