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Book: Building Retro Arcade Games with Godot 3.1

In this book we'll guide you through developing six full retro arcade games. We'll document steps and best practices, and take you further than simply writing the code.
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Physics Puzzle Games with Godot Engine

In this course you will create a puzzle game , where the player throws cute alien creatures at tough blocks, attempting to destroy them one by one. We'll be using Godot 3.0 and GDScript to build this game. All the required tools and assets for this course are included as a download ! After completion of this course, you will have a fully playable game that can be exported to Windows , Mac , Linux , Web , iOS and Android !

Authoring 3D Shaders with Godot Engine

In this course we'll take you from zero experience, to full confidence in building shaders using the 3.0 version of the Godot Engine.  Build visual effects like the pros! We'll start with a quick primer on some basic 3D math that will be needed for this course. Then we'll cover many popular types of shaders seen in 3D games today. We'll build on our knowledge with each step, allowing us to build more complex shaders. Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and experience from creating the following shaders: Grayscale Blur Screen Shake Scanline Electric Hit  Invisibility / Cloaking / Sneak Explosion
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Customizing the Godot Engine with GDScript

Give your Godot Editor SUPER POWERS! With GDScript we can create useful tools that make our game development cycle faster and more fun. A huge benefit of using GDScript is that we can even update our tools in real time, without even reloading the editor! In this course, we'll build real world plugins that actually augment the editor and make you more productive. Here's an example of a few plugins we'll build: Sprite Sheet Importer that handles .json files Code Snippets Pane to make you more productive while scripting Resolution Size Preview selector to help you preview your game on different device sizes and aspect ratios Use GDScript to create a custom content importer that you can run from the command line Building your game pipeline first certainly makes it easier to ensure you actually ship your game. We'd like to show you how to make your experience a lot faster, productive, and more fun!
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